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Pool Table Room Size

If you are an avid pool player, you have no doubt experienced a pool table that was in a room that was not sized properly. You may have been wedged between the wall and the table in an awkward position, or the butt of your cue may strike the wall at the back end of your range of motion. You will not likely want your friends having to raise their cues a few feet up in the air just to make a simple shot. Because of this, you want your pool table room size to be perfect, or better yet, bigger than it needs to be.


Luckily, pool table room sizing is rather straight forward. By simply taking some measurements, factoring in the maximum length of a cue stick, and knowing the size and position of the pool table you'll be using, you can easily come up with the pool table room size that will be optimal for playing billiards.


To easily obtain pool table room size, follow these steps:



Enter the following measurements (in inches) to do a quick calculation of the minimum and optimal pool table room size.