Montreal Pool Table Moving Service


Do you need your pool table moved to another location? Trust our pool table movers (Moving Pro Billiard) to relocate your slate pool table from its current location to another room in your house or to another building. Our pool table movers will professionally dismantle; move with care and precision install your pool table for optimum play. We service all makes and models of tables including antique tables, billiard tables, snooker tables, and all major manufacturers.



Pool table is disassembled at one location/residence. It is then carefully loaded and protected while being transported to the new location/residence. Once there, the table is completely assembled and is ready for play. If you need a complet moving, home and pool table, contact-us: Demenagement Montreal.


From One Home to Another - No extra charge for stairs on a three-piece slate table. We do not move one piece slate tables up or down stairs.

To determine if your table has one or three pieces of slate, look under the table if there are two cross supports then your table has three pieces of slate. Almost all one-piece slate tables have only one cross support in the middle of the table.




First we will properly and professionally disassemble your pool table. This is done to eliminate damage to the table and surrounding area. After it is carefully loaded and protected while transported to the new location/ residence. Once there, your table is completely re-assembled, leveled and ready for play.




If you just moved into the area or purchased a new/used pool table and the table itself is in the room where it is to be installed, this is the service you are looking for. Our pool table installers (Moving Pro Billiard) are qualified to assemble all makes & models of slate pool tables & snooker tables.




Anytime a pool table is moved it will need to be re-leveled. Until we actually see the table there is no way for us to determine if the adjustments will involve dismantling the table or not. Often re-leveling your pool table can be achieved by adjusting the legs (tables with leg levelers) or by adding / removing shims beneath legs. Other times it involves dismantling the billiard or pool table down to the slate and sometimes removing the slate. Then assembling the table while making the proper adjustments along the way. If you need a pool table or billiard table service that has not been detailed above, please feel free to contact us about it and we will do our best to quote an accurate estimate.


New cloth

Is your cloth wearing thin, dirty, stained, or just looking to change colors to match your decor? No problem, we can change it! Don't forget to check out our color chart! We always save the cloth on a move.


After years of playing on a pool table the cloth may need replacement. In some cases you may want a different color or grade of billiard fabric. You pick the color and grade, and we will come to your home remove the rails and apply the new fabric to the six rails and slate and place shims under the legs to give you a rough level.


Slate Replacement


Pool table slate is a hard and stable material. However it can get broken during transport or when sat upon if it is not properly supported. Every table manufacturer uses their own unique size and pattern and it is critical to know the make and model when replacing slate. Since the slate is honed and registered as a set of three pieces, you would order a new set of slate, we will come to install and re-level the slate.

Other services

We can offer other services such as moving a pool table when you get your room re-carpeted, we will disassemble the table and move it in another room to come back another day and install. Perhaps you’re moving to another town, we can disassemble the table only. We can also disassemble and move your pool table into your storage facility or garage.


Once you have an idea of what type of work you need done, call-us to get a free quote. Thanks for visiting our site.


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