Maintenance Guide



Pool Table Maintenance Guide



  1. Wood surfaces can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water or a non-corrosive wood polish.
  2. Clean leather pockets with a soft cloth dampened with water or a clear leather cleaner. Do not drag your cue over the leather pocket.
  3. Brush your table with the table brush provided after play. Using light strokes, brush the cloth from the head of the table (where you break from) to the foot of the table (where you rack the balls). You should vacuum the cloth on occasion to remove dust & chalk residue buildup under the cloth. Ensure that you only use an upholstery attachment with soft bristles to prevent any damage to the cloth from over-powerful vacuum suction or scraping.
  4. Use a pool table cover to protect the pool table when not in use. Covers protect the table from spills, scrapes, light and dust.
  5. Do not use a cue that is missing a cue tip. The edge of the exposed cue ferrule is likely sharp and can cut the cloth.
  6. Do not attempt to move the pool table. It is precision leveled for its exact position.
  7. Do not sit, climb onto, or try to lift the pool table. This could cause the slate to misalign or put the table out of level.
  8. Discourage players from trying high-risk shots like "jump balls". These shots often result in direct cue contact with the cloth, which can cause marks, holes and rips to occur.
  9. Store cues in a cue rack or stand that holds them in a vertical position to prevent warping.
  10. Balls can be cleaned with a ball cleaner as required.
  11. Cloth can be cleaned with a billiard cloth cleaner as required.